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Do you have steady hands? Do you have an eye for art? Do you love the service industry? If you answered yes to these questions and you have thought about becoming a vehicle wrap expert, then you have come to the right place. Kenny Miller, owner of ThumbPrint, is a Certified 3M Authorized Trainer, 3M Preferred Installer, ThumbPrint is a 3M Installation Company and our equipment is 3M MCS certified. He will walk you through the process during a course on how to properly wrap vehicles. Contrary to what you may think, vehicle wrapping is very difficult, and it takes proper training in order to do it right.

In addition, not only training people on how they can become experts in the vehicle wrap installation industry, Kenny also teaches individuals on how to start, grow and run their own vehicle wrap and graphic businesses. With over 28 years of experience in the printing industry and over a decade of experience in the vehicle wrap industry, I know the do’s and don’ts of how to start or grow your vehicle wrap business. So click on the button below and get started now.

  • Classes are custom-tailored.
  • Designed for one to one coaching.
  • On-site training.
  • Installation trainings are 2-5 days. Depending on your current knowledge level and needs.
  • Group rates start at $750/person/day for group training. (Up to 4 people max)
  • One to one rates start at $1500/day.
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Who Is Kenny Miller

Kenny Miller is the owner of ThumbPrint, and a Certified Vehicle Wrap Trainer.

Kenny has over twenty years of experience in the printing industry. He began working in the printing industry in 1992. In 2001, Kenny decided to create ThumbPrint. Since then, ThumbPrint has grown exponentially. Providing vehicle wraps, and large format signs. ThumbPrint currently has a 6,600 square foot building.

In 2007, Kenny became Fellers Certified for vehicle wrapping. During that time, Kenny began to realize that vehicle wraps were going to be the wave of the future. In 2010, Kenny graduated from the Leadership program through the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce. His participation in the Leadership program helped raise money for the Simi Valley Free Clinic.

In 2011, Kenny visited the 3M headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, and ThumbPrint became a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company! ThumbPrint also purchased 2 new large format printer that is 3M MSC Certified, which makes it possible to provide clients with a written warranty of longevity.

As busy as Kenny is, he still makes time for the things in life that matter most to him. Kenny has a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. Kenny regularly goes four-wheeling with his family and friends. Kenny is determined to see the business that he started continue to grow!

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