There’s no better way to transform commercial fleet vehicles into mobile billboards than with high-quality full body vehicle wraps from ThumbPrint. Since 2001, we have helped more than 1700 companies enhance their vehicles, including the Tony Hawk Foundation, Mini USA, Delta Airlines, Loctite, Subaru, Nissan USA, BMW North America, and many more.

While our spot graphics and partial wraps are cost-effective options for clients who only need limited surface coverage, full wraps are the best choice if you want each and every vehicle in your fleet to share the same eye-popping, attention-grabbing appearance.

A full vehicle vinyl wrap can cover not just the doors and hood of your car, truck, van, or SUV, but also the sides, rear, roof, and even the windows (where permitted by state law). Windows wrapped using special perforated vinyl create a striking impression for viewers, without ever interfering with driver visibility.

Allowing for bumper-to-bumper branding, ThumbPrint’s full body vehicle wraps communicate a sense of professionalism, consistency, and reliability that gets customers’ heads turning.

Medai Room Full Vehicle WrapBenefits of a Full Body Vehicle Wrap from ThumbPrint

According to studies by the ATA and Robinson, Yesawich, & Pepperdine, Inc., 91% of drivers pay attention to vehicles wrapped with graphical branding. What’s more, 75% of people develop positive impressions of businesses that use wrapped vehicles.

That’s not the only advantage full vehicle wraps offer, however. Here are three major reasons why you should get your vinyl vehicle wrap from ThumbPrint…


On average, a wrapped vehicle generates between 30,000 and 80,000 impressions daily! That means every moment your fleet vehicles are on the road maximizes your ROI.

At ThumbPrint, we know how important getting your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. From design to completed install, getting a ThumbPrint full vehicle wrap typically takes no more than 10-12 business days.

Don’t have your own design ready to go? Our graphic design associates will work closely with you to create a custom design that fully satisfies your needs in no more than 3-5 business days.


Here at ThumbPrint, we use only the highest quality and longest-lasting materials. Our best-in-class 3M wrap films are the most trusted vehicle wraps in the industry.

Because we are a 3M certified nationwide installation company, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never have to worry about the cracks, bubbles, or other vinyl defects that are commonplace when using less-experienced installers or lower-quality materials.

For businesses looking to maximize a wrap’s longevity, ThumbPrint is happy to offer special vehicle wrap coatings. We have 6-month, 3-year, and 5-year ceramic coating options available from 3M, designed to keep your graphics looking their best while making cleaning easy for the entire lifespan of your wrap. Our experienced and courteous staff can answer any maintenance questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to ask.

A commercial fleet vehicle with full vehicle wrap, including a rear window wrapVersatility

Not all fleet vehicles are created equally. Depending on the nature of your business, you may employ many different types of vehicles, from cars, vans, and SUVs to trucks, trailers, and more. Some vehicles may be older. Some may be different colors.

Fortunately, full-body vehicle vinyl wraps create a sense of brand continuity between vehicles, even when they have different makes and models. They also make old vehicles look good as new.

Even better, unlike custom paint jobs, ThumbPrint’s full vehicle wraps can easily be altered, updated, or replaced at a nominal cost to you. It’s like we always say: If You Can Imagine It… We Can Image It™!

ThumbPrint is the Best Full Wrap Installer Nationwide

For more than 20 years, ThumbPrint has been the premier nationwide installation company offering full vehicle wraps. With countless 5-star ratings on Google, Yelp, and Facebook, our customer service reputation is matched only by our high standards of quality and the care with which we approach each and every job.

ThumbPrint’s full body v

ehicle wraps are the best way for your business to increase impressions and reinforce your brand identity. They are effective, convenient, quick, and versatile.

Don’t settle for anything less. Contact us today to discover the benefits of ThumbPrint full vehicle wraps!